"Designing furniture and interiors — exciting process"

Andrey Zharnitskiy Studio — design interior solutions and the manufacturer of the original furniture.

We are a team of professional architects, decorators, designers and professionals in the field of woodworking.

Furniture and interiors — it's our profession and our passion. We design residential and public space design and produce furniture of unique design. Solving the practical and aesthetic problems of their clients, we create high-quality and comfortable environment for the modern man with good taste and high standards.


We believe that custom furniture is not a luxury but a sensible investment. We create a convenient, reliable and trendy furniture to naturally turn into a valuable antique. We want the benefits of a high-quality designer furniture became available to the greatest number of people. Therefore, we not only work with elite varieties of wood, but with a democratic modern materials.

Our goal is to create furniture and interiors that are made to bring fun and joy to all who will use them. Comfort, durability and good mood are the main principles of the Studio of Andrey Zharnitskiy.

Key people
Andrey Zharnitskiy
Chief architect
Irkutsk art College The Central training and experimental Studio of artistic design Of the Union of Artists "Senezh".
Anna Yarovikova
The Ekaterinburg art school, MGHPA them. S. G. Stroganov, Department of "interior Design".
Alex Suslenkov
Deputy General Director
We work with a wide range of materials and technologies

The joiners workshops of the Studio of Andrey Zharnitskiy situated near Moscow — Khimki. For their clients and partners we often organize tours of our plants is not only informative, but also incredibly inspiring.

We work with a wide range of materials and technologies — from traditional wood carving to cutting edge 3D printing. We have at our disposal high-tech equipment and robotic machines, but the key success factor remains the professional skills of our joiners. We have great master furniture makers, many of them learned their business abroad.


Making furniture according to clients ' orders, we often work with solid and veneer rare species, natural leather and fabrics. In addition, our workshops are successfully adopting high-tech innovations, such as IMI-BETON is a modern material, effectively imitating the fashionable texture of concrete and rusty metal, or LUMINOSO decorative material from layers of wood of different breeds.


Our production boasts a number of unique inventions and technologies. For example, we use interesting methods of patina-forming treatment (artificial "aging" of surfaces). Technology the coating layer of metal allow you to create very unusual pieces of furniture.

Special mention deserve our original processing technology of surface "texture lace": openwork fabric is pressed with a tree and become one with it.

We are well aware of the impact on the furniture of the peculiarities of the Russian climate and always consider the importance of this factor. In particular, we have developed a new technology for manufacturing large-scale panels for doors and cabinets: combination of carrier with an aluminum design and ship SOT protects the panel from deformations associated with seasonal temperature changes.


We have a principle — never to skimp on hardware. You have to cover every detail from hinges and closers to hallucinat and pantographs. So we work with the fittings well-established European manufacturers BLUM, GRASS, HAFELE, BORTOLUZZI, HAWA, SERVETTO. Attention to detail ensures reliable operation and long lifetime of the furniture.

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